SUTRSSimple Unstructured Text Record Syntax
SUTRSSimple Unstructured Text Record Syntax (data exchange format widely used in Z39.50)
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The data indicate that for every increase in the number of SSERSU, participants were 11% more likely to report SUTRS utilization (OR = 1.11; 95% CI [1.06, 1.17]; p < 0.001).
The results for PERI SLEs show that individuals who had experienced a serious family argument (other than with spouse), a change in the frequency of family get-togethers, being arrested, getting involved in a court case, or being convicted of a crime were more likely to report having used SUTRS than were individuals who did not report having experienced these PERI SLEs.
An adjusted analysis found that relapsing events and poor working conditions were the only covariates that remained statistically significant when associated with SUTRS utilization.