SUTVAStable Unit Treatment Value Assumption
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These analyses also suggest that the modest contamination of control conditions noted by our analyses of call event responses did not result in diffusion of treatment effects or SUTVA violations in complaint and use of force incidents for control officers during the intervention period.
SUTVA "is simply the a priori assumption that the value of [an outcome] for [a] unit [] when exposed to treatment [] will be the same no matter what mechanism is used to assign treatment [] to [the] unit [] and no matter what treatments the other units receive." (131) It has two basic principles.
Applying SUTVA to the study at hand, for it to hold, the perception of the political orientation of candidates by law schools--the treatment here (135)--cannot be dependent on such things as the pool of current candidates, the order of looking at candidates, or current composition of the legal academy's collective political orientation.
Some treat the ignorable treatment assignment assumption as part of SUTVA. See, e.g., Donald B.
Ferracci, Jolivet, and van den Berg (forthcoming) provide an important contribution on how to test for a potential violation of the SUTVA due to spillover effects between the treatment and control group.
Matching estimators depend on three crucial assumptions: the conditional independence assumption (CIA), the common support assumption, and the stable unit treatment value assumption (SUTVA).
Finally, the SUTVA precludes that the outcome of observation i is affected by the treatment status of other observations j.
We are concerned about a potential violation of SUTVA for two reasons in this study.
(forthcoming) who conjecture that a nonconstant average treatment effect along (in our case) the offshoring intensity is evidence in favor of the violation of SUTVA and consequently substantial spillover effects.
(83) Mp I 314,11 explains that with his first teaching Nandaka established all the nuns in the attainment of stream-entry, while on hearing his instructions the next day they all reached full awakening, ta punadivase dhammam sutva sabba va arahattam patta.