SUWSurface Warfare
SUWSport Utility Wagon
SUWSterne Und Weltraum (German: Stars and Space; astronomy magazine; Germany)
SUWSolid Urban Waste
SUWStacje Uzdatniania Wody (Polish: Water Treatment Plant)
SUWSmart Utility Wagon (Mitsubishi)
SUWSales, Use and Withholding (tax)
SUWSmall Unit Warfare
SUWBong Airfield, Duluth Minnesota/Superior, Wisconsin (Airport Code)
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Ashgabat Agyz Suw previously notified citizens of the need to obtain the necessary papers for installing a water meter and make all calculations for the use of drinking water.
The station SUW participated little in locating seismic events and, therefore, there is lack of sufficient data to describe them.
The use of SUW in plant cultivation has been analyzed as a possible alternative for the solution of the final destination of the effluent.
(11a) Nik e le ma [[me no].sup.R] 1SG TAM give hither DAT 1SG [[=n buluk ane].sup.T] [...] =ART cattle DEM 'You give me that cow [so that it will be mine], [...].' 1.NO.026 (11b) ale ne le suw [[me di].sup.R] INTERJ TAM give thither DAT 3SG [[=n qe'e ne vowal].sup.T] =ART taro LIG one 'Alright, then [she] gave him a taro.' ASMS.97 In the following two sections I will examine the prepositional and the adnominal construction in terms of the range of three-participant events they express and in terms of referential hierarchy effects.
Suw is an experienced public speaker and one of the country's best-known bloggers.
Wheelwright Memorial Lecture in Political Economy, designed 'to promote public discussion in Australia about contemporary political economic issues' (SUW 2008), the first of which was given by Walden Bello (2008), and the second by Jim Stanford (2009).
A social media consultant, Suw Charman-Anderson, told the BBC, "There's always a lag between the introduction of new technology and the development of a set of social norms around the behaviour that the technology encourages." Though she did add that she believes, "As a society, we are just going have to become a bit more forgiving of the follies of youth."
Social media consultant Suw Charman-Anderson said: "The idea that everything is stored online is not true.
Mentions later in the speech International centre for treatment of the diseases of head and neck (US $ 34.5 million, oncological centre (US $ 45 million), Ene Mehri mother and child centre in Goekdepe, hydro treatment unit in ARchman (US $ 15.2 million), its branch in Yyly Suw, three luxury hotels in Avaza national tourist zone (total value US $ 673.2 million), 17 new schools fully equipped with the latest teaching aids and 14 kindergartens (total value about US $ 166 million) as other noteworthy projects of 2009.]
The Navy recently rolled out the first Surface Warfare Mission Package (SUW MP) for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren, Va.
If you dream of building your own home, you have something in common with Kevin and Suw Charman-Anderson.