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SUWASouthern Utah Wilderness Alliance
SUWASingapore-University of Washington Alliance (Seattle, WA)
SUWAScripture Union Western Australia (Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia, Australia)
SUWASurgical Unit without Admission
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SUWA's effect on environmental litigants was both immediate and chilling.
If the counties succeed in establishing their reading of the statute as legal precedent, warns SUWA executive director Scott Groene, it could "open the door to motorized use of nearly all of America's public lands."
(64) provides an example which unambiguously describes an action of Suwa's killing himself.
The company said the Suwa acquisition would make Kingboard more competitive in Asia and Europe.
Indeed, Suwa has argued that the medieval transformation of kagura with its incorporation of the theme of exorcism was influenced by Chinese Nuo rites.
None of us agrees with all of the WSA ]wilderness study area] boundaries, the BLM's failure to acknowledge the many roads within those boundaries, the closure of most of those roads, or the selfish acts of SUWA. But, we do agree that the best way to protect access to the roads and trails that remain open is to obey the law.
How and why certain values and practices endure and others not is discussed by for example, Burke, Flores, Kaeppler, Konishi, Moulin, Moyle, Rossen, Suwa and Szego.
As this article went to press, the Salt Lake City-based Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) had filed an appeal to stop an exploratory oil well in the basin.
Propagation of the concept that Buddhist deities were the Original Ground (honji) and Shinto deities only local manifestations (suijaku) was accomplished by the dissemination of honjimono, stories of the origins of local deities, such as "Kumano Gongen no Koto" and "Suwa Engi no Koto," found in the Shintoshu.
Nothing could be further from the truth, says Sanyo general manager Joji Suwa, who claims that "labor relations here are excellent." Sanyo is still unionized, but the assembly line is now highly mechanized, so the plant's labor force is down from a high of 2,200 at the time of the strike to around 500 today.
Japan Vilene 2-16-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan 03-3258-3333 Worldwide Nonwovens Sales: $186 million (27 billion [yen]) Key Personnel: Shozo Iwakuma, president; Ukihiro Suwa, general manager-Apparel Material Div.; Seiichi Ishii, general manager-Air Conditioning Material Div.; Toshiji Uemura, director-Car Material Div.; Joji Oh-Iwa, general manager-Medical Material Div.; Kiyoshi Kobayashi, director-Industrial Material Div.