SUXSioux City, IA, USA (Airport Code)
SUXSucchinylcholine (depolarizing neuromuscular blocking drug)
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An' me on a wunter passage, blowin' a luvin' gale half the time, wuth hurricane force in atweenwhiles, an' hove to sux days, wuth engines stopped an' bunker coal runnun' short, an' me wuth a mate thot stupid he could no pass a shup's light ot night wi'out callun' me tull the brudge.
An' when I come un tull Auckland short o' coal, after lettun' her druft sux days wuth the fires out tull save the coal, an' wuth only twenty tons in my bunkers, I was thunkun' o' the lossin' o' time an' the expense, an' tull save the owners I took her un an' out wi'out pilotage.
The Arrata, one o' the Woor Line, left port the same day uz us, bound for Portland, an' the old Tryapsic makun' sux knots, seven ot the best.
At Marseilles the owners wrut me: 'Tull extra work un engine-room, sux pounds.
He communed with himself for a moment, and then muttered indignantly: "Tull error on fire-bars, sux pounds.
What dud he do ot Voloparaiso but land sux hundred fathom o' chain cable an' take never a receipt from the lighter-mon.
Sux hundred hundred went over the side, but four hundred an' ninety-five was all the agents received.
In calendar year 2016, one firearm was found at the SUX checkpoint.
Gomez Carrillo y Sux fueron dos de los modernistas mas prolificos y mas dispuestos a desestabilizar el canon del movimiento, y publicaron doce libros sobre la Gran Guerra que constituyen el archivo latinoamericano mas significativo de escrituras sobre el conflicto.
La anarquia del texto se manifiesta, desde un primer momento, en la caprichosa y caotica serie de preambulos que parece nunca concluir: una dedicatoria, una "isagogue" extensa y fragmentada, un "motivo", una presentacion de los "principales personajes" que toman, como referencia, la presentacion de personajes del drama y, finalmente, los "Antecedentes" de la historia que desembocan en un intercambio de cartas y que deciden, a fin de cuentas, el viaje de Sux a Mendoza.
created the website from his home computer and rifled it "Teacher Sux.
for his creation of a Web site with the subtle title "Teacher Sux.