SV1Splice Variant 1
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The results show that the most energy-efficient hash function on a mobile device is SV1 for cryptographic applications, and crc16 for non-cryptographic applications.
T2-T3 con quetotaxia similar; D1, D2, SD2, SD1 en linea vertical; pinaculos y setas de D2 y SD1 de mayor tamano que los de D1 y SD2; L1 y L2 proximas, dispuestas en un mismo pinaculo hacia el margen anterior; L1 dorsoposterior a L2, mas larga y gruesa; L3 ausente; SV1 proxima a la region ventral; seta SV2 ausente; MV1 anterior a las coxas y V1s ligeramente posterior a las coxas, mas apartadas que V1s en T1.
The 5 V power supply is connected to SV1 clamps while the power for the motors is delivered directly from the supply accumulator via clamps SL104.
In 1973 Malcolm Bricklin, a charismatic self-promoting American automotive entrepreneur best known for bringing Subaru cars to the United States, announced that he was going to build a dazzling new vehicle, the Bricklin SV1 (SV stands for Safety Vehicle).
ASUS videophones enables people to make and receive free voice and video calls to any Skype user without requiring a computer, with its feature On2 VP7 video, including the Eee Videophone AiGuru SV1 allows users to make and receive calls to and from fixed and mobile lines at very low rates.
Three ospC alleles (A, E, and K) were observed in both continents, 5 (B2, S, L, Q, and V) exclusively in Europe (not including the outgroup Ri5 and SV1 alleles), and 10 (B1, C, D, F, G, H, I, J, N, and U) exclusively in North America (Table 1).
Shared vision SV1 There is a commonality of purpose in my organization.
Thereafter, the QRS, QT interval and RV5 + SV1 (R + S) were measured automatically (Willems et al.
The SV1 Series is a memory card socket designed for the reduced size multimedia card.
The SV1 provides SVGA native resolution and an audible noise of 32 dB.