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SVAMSexual Violence Awareness Month
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The impedance of the line changed significantly after embedding in a SVAM so we conclude that transmission lines must be designed to be embedded.
Next, the microstrip was embedded in a SVAM where the anisotropy was rotated from the surface normal by 60[degrees] away from the metal ball.
He spent the next year experimenting with classes in religion, where he encountered two SVAM professors who "suggested I consider taking classes in philosophy." Their advice turned out to be pivotal for Bernard's decision to pursue graduate study: They thought my mind worked more in that direction, and--I did so, and they were right.
In addition to the support of the two professors at SVAM, Bernard recalled a culture of openness at SVAM that allowed him to envision himself in the academic environment.
Solder lugs are used as test points on the SVAM. These provide a convenient way to check output of the S/Hs.
We made this connection using the individual tachometer signals entering the SVAM board on connector SVAM-FU.
svam chayam nativartate, tatha sva-dhatu-vaisamyanimittah
sarvatah paripatan divasam svam chayam nativartate,
(124.) VPVr 1.176/140 (230.1-3): tath[bar{a}] s[bar{a}]sn[bar{a}]dimati hres[bar{a}]dili[dot{n}]ge ca nimitt[bar{a}]ntar[bar{a}]t pravrttayor anyatra visaye labdhasa[dot{m}]sk[bar{a}]rayoh s[bar{a}]dhutvam eva vij[tilde{n}][bar{a}]yate \ gon[bar{i}]va gaur iti bahuks[bar{i}]radh[bar{a}]ran[bar{a}]divisay[bar{a}]d [bar{a}]vapanatvas[bar{a}]m[bar{a}]ny[bar{a}]d abhidh[bar{i}]yate tath[bar{a}]vidyam[bar{a}]na[dot{m}] svam asya so 'yam asva iti.
This connection has also been supported by Kalhana's Rajatarahgini (1.176): candracaryadibhir labdhva desat tasmat tadagamam / pravartitam mahabhasyam svam cavygkaranam krtam.