SVAPIService Client Api
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Through the efforts of the author and Bruce Armstrong of Novell, these diverse strands were pulled together into a single standards movement called SVAPI (speaker verification applications program interface).
SVAPI held its first meeting in June, and representatives from eighteen organizations attended, including Novell, Microsoft, AT&T, IBM, Citibank, the Biometric Consortium, ITT, Moscom, Texas Instruments, the U.S.
* SVAPI is intended to be a comprehensive solution that addresses principal requirements of data security, physical site security, land line telephone security, cellular security, computer product security, and other related system applications.
* SVAPI will be extensible to enable it to adapt to the needs of future technologies and applications.
SVAPI is being written to ensure compatibility with existing API standards for speech recognition developed by Novell, Microsoft, and the Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum.