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SVASSupravalvular Aortic Stenosis
SVASSacramento Valley Astronomical Society (California)
SVASShuttleworth Veteran Aeroplane Society (UK)
SVASSun Valley Adaptive Sports (Ketchum, ID)
SVASSilicon Valley Aquarium Society (California)
SVASSun Valley Animal Shelter (Glendale, AZ)
SVASSkeletal Variant Assay System
SVASSegmented Visual Analogue Scale (lithium studies)
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There was no significant gender difference in mean AVAS and SVAS scores except during IMC session where males had significantly high AVAS scores (P = 0.03) compared to that of females (Table 3).
Checking SVAs is computationally very complex in general while for practical purposes a subset is sufficient.
The level of uncertainty at this level begs the question of whether the affected shipping and supply chain enterprises that managed to survive have revised their SVAs and PFSPs to accurately reflect the political realities of the new government to which they are accountable.
The APPs were chosen on the basis of well-established practice patterns indicating a high degree of exposure to the delivery of a variety of services, many of which could be considered SVAs (Nyberg, Keuter, Berg, Helton, & Johnston, 2010; Moote, Krsek, Kleinpell, & Todd, 2011), and represented multiple medical and surgical subspecialties and points of service (inpatient [IP] and outpatient [OP]).
There also exists an association between the presence of SVA and other congenital defects.
Also, because it is far easier to spin up new SVAs for a particular security segment than to reconfigure the many thousands of SVAs already in place, this methodology can quickly lead to VM sprawl.
According to the Environmental Surveillance Department (SVAS) of Santa Teresa, from March 2002 to December 2003, 328 free-roaming dogs were removed from residences and public streets or roads of the municipality, most of which (68.0%) were sacrificed (the remaining returned to their owners or were adopted by others).
Cardiovascular abnormalities occur in approximately 80% of reported cases, with SVAS being the most common cardiac anomaly, present in 64% of patients.
(6) This activity creates a social or symbolic value added (SVA) to a market-purchased gift and the total value of the market-purchased good rises.
* The Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) members have furthered their commitment to voluntary site security practices with the completion of security vulnerability assessments (SVAs) at their facilities.
However, continuously monitoring airflow with calibrated small vane anemometers (SVAs) immediately downstream of the fan impeller, has been a satisfactory solut ion at the swine buildings (Figure 2).
"The import can simply be tested alongside a UK car to obtain a certificate of conformity for that vehicle type, which can be used for future SVAs.