SVATSynaptic Vesicle Amine Transporter (biochemistry)
SVATSoil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Transfer model
SVATSenior Victim Assistance Team (Colorado)
SVATSystem Verification and Acceptance Test(ing)
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The B-method is determined either by fitting the linear least squares to the data or by simulations based on a SVAT [36-38] or boundary layer model.
One also notices the absence of such works as Rend Grousset's The Empire of the Steppe: A History of Central Asia, Owen Lattimore's Inner Asian Frontiers of China, and Svat Soucek's A History of Inner Asia.(8) Somewhat ironically, Beckwith may have provided the first "more or less unitary.., view of Central Eurasians and Central Eurasian history," which other historians will no doubt be eager to revise.
--Those using deterministic relationships based on more complex models such as Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Transfer models (SVAT) [2,6,7,8].
For arriving at its ratings, CRISIL has consolidated the financial risk profiles of RAIL, Vishal and Company, and Shri Vishal Agro Trade Syndicate (SVAT).
In the Semantic Video Annotation Tool (SVAT) the results from the automatic preprocessing are used to support the user in annotating the video by providing navigation aids, redetection and tracking of objects.
Most of the Soil Vegetation Atmosphere Transfer (SVAT) simulation models (Dolman et al.
Not that vessel famous gods & holy gods find nowhere 'The famous holy gods could nowhere find such a vessel as this' 14) Svat at ar Hymir etki maeli (Hymiskvipa 26).
Svat Soucek's A History of Inner Asia aims to provide the first general narrative history of the region since the works of Rene Grousset [Empire of the Steppes: A History of Central Asia (French original 1939; New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1970)], Gavin Hambly [Central Asia (London, 1969)], and others a generation or more ago, and, unlike those works, to encompass the Soviet and post-Soviet periods.
A HISTORY OF INNER ASIA By Svat Soucek published by Cambridge University Press ISBN 0 521 65704 0 price 15.95 [pounds sterling] paperback ISBN 0 521 65169 7 price 42.50 [pounds sterling] hardback
Press, 1989), 43; Svat Soucek, "Kirghizia," in Encyclopedia of Asian History (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1988), 2: 318-19; L.
In the mid- 1980s, the Colorado Springs, Colorado, Police Department created the Senior Victim Assistance Team (SVAT), to respond to this need.