SVCGSoutheast Virginia Computer Group
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SVCG was the first group of its kind to be formed in 1986 to invest in downstream projects promoted by SABIC and the government's defence-related Offset Investment Programme.
Saudi Industrial Investment Group (SIIG), an affiliate of SVCG, is a 50-50 JV with CPC called National ChevronPhillips Co.
We dissected, weighed, and examined the SVCG together to prevent tissue damage from necropsy separation of these intimately associated organs for histopathology, especially in mice.
In laboratories 1 and 3, the VP and the SVCG were marginally significant with either, but not both, the starting or terminal body weight adjustments at 40 mg/kg bw/day using the Dunnett's multiple comparisons approach.
In laboratory 4, the SVCG and the GP did not decrease in a similar absolute magnitude compared with the other laboratories.
In laboratory 6, absolute weights of GP and COWS were largely unchanged, and the absolute decreases in VP, SVCG, and LABC weights were modest compared with values from the other laboratories.
The VP, SVCG, and COWS decreases were statistically significant in all laboratories at 25 mg FIN/kg bw/day.
Three laboratories performed additional experiments to examine fixation of the SVCG and COWS, and one laboratory weighed the fixed adrenal glands.
In phase 1A, the BMDs for all tissues were within a 2- to 3-fold range, although the BMDs for the VP, SVCG, and COWS were somewhat lower than for the LABC and GP, whereas the CVs for the VP, SVCG, and COWS were higher than the LABC and GP (Table 2).
First, these tissues undergo very different overall relative changes in weight from > 10-fold (1000%) for the VP and the SVCG) to 80-120% for the GP [Supplemental Material (].
When the tissues are compared by the number of times they provided or were coincident in providing the LOEL dose, the VP did so in three instances, the SVCG in six instances, the LABC once, the GP once, and the COWS in four instances.
Then the venture was financed through a unique model of Islamic collateral security (ICS), because it had strong elements: extensive local equity held by SVCG; international equity held by Chevron; a strong local lending base from Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi, Saudi British Bank and United Saudi Bank; a regional lending base from Gulf International Bank; an international lending base through Chase Manhattan; limited recourse financing techniques applied by the JV's advisors; and diversification in the petrochemicals business.