SVCNSilicon Valley Community Newspapers (San Jose, CA)
SVCNSwan Valley Community Network
SVCNStichting Volkenkundige Collectie Nederland (Dutch: Dutch Ethnographic Collection Foundation)
SVCNSuperior Ventral Cochlear Nucleus (hearing)
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Mac Tully, president and publisher of the San Jose Mercury News, said it was a tough decision laying off Cohen "because we realize how respected David is in the community, and he's done a great job of keeping SVCN profitable in a difficult economic environment.
The unit permits signals to pass uninterrupted in the SVCN, XNET, and GPCN positions or isolates in/out copper in the OFFLINE position.
Custom port contact closures indicating the switch positions of OFF, SVCN, XNET and GPCN are then displayed on the Model 5532 in a large character alpha display to create a robust conference room communications switching system.