SVCSSuperior Vena Cava Syndrome
SVCSSaddleback Valley Christian Schools (California)
SVCSSusquehanna Valley Central School District (New York)
SVCSSilicon Valley Computer Society
SVCSSociedad Venezolana de la Ciencia del Suelo (Venezuelan Society of Soil Science)
SVCSSilicon Valley Computer Society (Santa Clara, CA)
SVCSSt. Vincent's Community Services
SVCSSecure Voice Communications Subsystem
SVCSSouthern Vermont Computer Services (Manchester Center, VT)
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Now the impact of 50 and 75MVARs SVCs is analysed on the nearby areas/grids by monitoring the speed recovery of dynamic loads.
Within the scope of these contracts, Siemens will provide SEC with SVC plus and protection systems, transformers, switchgears, civil and electro-mechanical work with a project execution of 24 months.
While prior research has examined VC assessments of profit-seeking ventures (MacMillan, Siegel, & Narasimha, 1985; Riquelme & Watson, 2002; Sandberg & Hofer, 1987; Shepherd, 1999), scholars have called for research to understand the funding behaviors of social venture capitalists (SVCs) who invest in social ventures (Austin, 2006; Certo & Miller, 2008; Randjelovic, O'Rourke, & Orsato, 2003).
At present, there are a total nine SVCs in Norway, all of which have been provided by ABB.
338-350) Robert Dixon presents a summary of "some of the main properties, and some of the main parameters of variation, of [...] SVCs" (p.
All journeys on Svc 184 (Birtley- Washington); early morning, evening and Sunday journeys on Svcs 64,65 (Dunston circulars); early morning & evening journeys on Svc 12,397 (Works services to TVTE); evening journeys on Svc 96,97 (Gateshead-Lobley Hill); weekend early journeys on Svcs 27,27A,53,54,56,57, 58; Saturday early journeys on Svc 726.
Business gps: William Buckner ( Mktg Svcs Bus Mgr: Tim Zurliene Comrns Mgr: Stephanie Gable, Charlie Hale Mkt Research Mgr, Insecticides/Fungicides: Spence Cohen Mkt Research Mgr, Herbicides: Kerry Hubbard Products: Crop protection products including: insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and seed treatments Ad and PR agencies: AdFarm, Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications, VML
BUSINESS: Custom Print Plastics SVCS: Personal, Cards, Prems CHARGE: Per M, Cost of Product SPEC: Bus, DM Agencies INF0: Broc, Cat, Smpl
SVCs can be established as needed on a call-by-call basis and connections can be released when there is no more information to send, thus reducing the cost to the end user.
This Economic Commentary draws parallels between SVCs and the bank notes that circulated in the U.S.