SVCTSouth Valley Civic Theatre (California)
SVCTSiddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust (India)
SVCTStryker Virtual Collective Trainer (US Army)
SVCTSwitched Virtual Circuit Tunnel
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Two families of transporters are associated with VitC transport in human cells, the sodium- ([Na.sup.+1]-) coupled ascorbic acid transporters (SVCTs; SLC23), which are highly specific for reduced VitC, and the members of the glucose transporter (GLUT; SLC2) family, some of which also transport DHA.
The SVCT 2 are particularly expressed in the endocrine cells, neurons (Hediger, 2002) and hypothalamic tanycytes (Garcia et al., 2005), thus allowing local high concentration as compared to circulating vitamin C.
Clinicians must perform a thorough assessment and identify patients at risk for catheter-related thrombosis, especially SCVT and SVCT. This can be done by determining catheter tip location in the radiology record.
It has been established that thrombolytic agents are effective in restoring catheter patency, but there is a need for further research to determine optimal dose requirements, dwell time for the treatment of fibrin sheath, and SCVT and SVCT in infants and children.
Because architectural details were both complex and unavailable, we bypassed the P-50's encoder circuitry by disconnecting the encoder signals from the SVCT and redirecting them to an encoder counter card in the host microcomputer.
The encoder signals enter the SVCT board by way of a connector SVCT-FU, which was disconnected from the SVCT board and connected to a custom counter card in the IBM PC.
Two distinct pathways of Asc transport across cellular membranes have been discovered to date, the sodium-dependent vitamin C transporters (SVCTs) (19) and the glucose transporters (GLUTs) (20,21).