SVDSSilicon Valley Data Science
SVDSSchweizerischer Verein für Die Deutsche Sprache (German: Swiss Association for the German Language; est. 1904)
SVDSSchweizerische Vereinigung Diplomierter Steuerexperten (German: Swiss Certified Tax Expert Association; Switzerland)
SVDSSilicon Valley Driving School (Milpitas, CA)
SVDSSpace Vehile Dynamic Simulator (US NASA)
SVDSShipboard Video Distribution System
SVDSSimplified Vapor Detection System
SVDSSycamore Valley Day School (Danville, CA)
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In the presented technique, Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is used to get satisfactory results of robustness.
In this case the important components can be computed more efficiently using singular value decomposition (SVD) [11].
The two companies have had a consulting relationship since March 2014 when Health Integrated tapped SVDS to help shape its proprietary data architecture, a key to its data-driven managed care solutions for health plans that serve the most vulnerable patient populations.
I was imprinted with an Irish-American Catholic gestalt in its small-town, Midwestern, American variety from my birth in Belle Plaine, Iowa, on November 29, 1942, till I left home on September 3, 1958, to attend the high school seminary of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) in East Troy, Wisconsin.
Use of these electronic devices with SVDs can be difficult to impossible, however, for the millions of Americans with low vision associated with eye diseases, neurological conditions, and aging.
We convened the average daily scandard erythemal dose (SED; a UV dose weighted by the erythemal action spectrum, so that it is independent of the spectral output of the source and the individual's skin type; 1 SED = 100 J/ [m.sup.2] ) lor each season to standard vitamin [D.sub.3] doses (SVDs) relative to the horizontal plane using action spectrum conversion factors (ASCFs; Pope et al.
520) to the work of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVDs).
The Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), on the other hand, was created to reduce the rates of unintended pregnancy and SVDS, including HIV, among young people.
In the current theaters of operations, host nation security forces (HNSF) carry a wide variety of weapons: M4s, M16s, AK-47s, AK-74, PKMs, RPKs, SVDs, RPG-7s, M9s, and Glock pistols.
In order to do that, let the SVDs of [P.sup.T.sub.1] X, [P.sup.T.sub.2] X be, respectively,
Sol ventrikul EF'si [(SVDS volum = SVSS volum / SVDS volum) x (100%)] formulu ile Simpson's metodu kullanilarak hesaplandi (9).