SVDVSwine Vesicular Disease Virus
SVDVShelter for Victims of Domestic Violence, Inc. (Clovis, NM)
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The patterns of the cutaneous lesions identified in this study might be similar to those of other vesicular infections of picornavirus (FMDV and SVDV), in which ballooning degeneration of epithelial cells and the formation of microvesicles are hallmarks (14,15).
The participants (N = 100) obtained scores on the Child Depression Inventory which ranged between 0 and 39, with an average score of 9.48 for the SVDV group and 8.52 for the NV group.
SVDV is unrelated to other known porcine enteroviruses.
Once SVDV gets into the body it has a predilection for epithelial tissue producing changes in the stratified epithelium of the skin of the coronary band, the metatarsals and metacarpals, snout, tongue, and tonsil.
Neutralizing antigenic sites previously reported for poliovirus (13), CBV4 (32), and CBV5 and SVDV (14,15) were localized in the structure.
Two changes, A 100V and F238I, were structurally close to known neutralization site I described for poliovirus (13), CBV4 (32), and CBV5 and SVDV (14).