SVESSupraventrikuläre Extrasystole (German: Supraventricular Extrasystole; cardiology)
SVESSpring Valley Elementary School (North Carolina)
SVESState Verification and Exchange System (US SSA)
SVESSaturday Video Entertainment System (Cartoon Network)
SVESSunrise Valley Elementary School (Reston, VA)
SVESSexual Violence Education and Support (Ohio)
SVESSatellite Video Exchange Society (est. 1973; Canada)
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Phone: 907-274-8638 sves; real estate investment &
(1.) The SVES interface works behind the scenes sending a record to Social Security to verify client's citizenship, benefit type and amount, and social security numbers.
(33) Frane Franic, "Progresizam ili revizionizam u Crkvi", Zagreb: Glas Koncila, sves. 496, sv.
("SVEs")), or along new lines (e.g., distinguishing developing
For Small and Vulnerable Economies (SVEs), this figure is at 21% of their agricultural trade; it accounts for 15% of agricultural trade in other developing countries.
MERCOSUR, RAMs, SVEs, and least developed countries.
CP, just one of an array of new Web-based shared virtual environments (SVEs) for children as young as seven, received over 2.6 million unique visitors during November 2008.
The meeting hosted a large number of negotiating groups including the African Group represented by Egypt, the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group (ACP), Small & Vulnerable Economies (SVEs), G-10, the Caricom, the Least Developed Countries Group (LDCs), G-20 and G-33.
The basic architectures for creating SVEs over the Internet are [11]--
Reported by: WE Keene, PhD, K Hedberg, MD, P Cieslak, MD, Acute and Communicable Disease Program, Oregon Health Sves. S Schafer, MD, A Dechet, MD, EIS officers, CDC.
Gracias a la adopcion de un desarrollo de tecnologia movil para el Sistema de Vigilancia Epidemiologica Simplificada (SVES), la Secretaria de Salud (SS) recibio un reconocimiento por parte de Palm.