SVFTState Vocational Federation of Teachers (Rocky Hill, CT)
SVFTSalinas Valley Federation of Teachers (Salinas, CA)
SVFTSemantic Verbal Fluency Test
SVFTStress Ventricular Function Test (cardiovascular health)
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Neuropsychological test Cognitive domain WISC-R (Wechsler Intelligence Scale IQ (intelligence quotient) for Children) SRT-LTS (Selective Reminding Test-Long-Term Storage) SRT-CLTR (Selective Reminding Test-Consistent Long-Term Retrieval) SRT-D (Selective Reminding Memory Test-Delayed) SPART (Spatial Recall Test) SPART-D (Spatial Recall Test-Delayed) MCST (Modified Card Sorting Test) Abstract/conceptual reasoning SDMT (Symbol Digit Modalities Test) Attention/concentration TMT-A/ B (Trail Making Test A/B) SVFT (Semantic Verbal Fluency Test) Language PVFT (Phonemic Verbal Fluency Test) IPT (Indication of Pictures Test) PCT (Phrase Comprehension Test) Token Test ODT (Oral Denomination Test) Table 4: Brief Neuropsychological Battery for Children (BNBC).
Our results indicated age and education had main effects in accuracy performance of the two time intervals and total scores of UVFT and PVFT tasks; while it was found an interaction of these variables in SVFT and in the discrepancy score of SVFT-PVFT.
In line of this finding, SVFT task showed the production of words through time is also affected by age development; descriptive analysis shows that performance decreases with the increase of age.
Finally, SVFT might be assessing predominantly semantic memory strategic retrieval and thus aging influences the ability to maintain performance through time.
Furthermore, SVFT and PVFT performance varied with time in different educational levels, which means years of education have affected positively maintenance of word production during these one minute tasks.