SVIBSchool Video Interactie Begeleiding (Dutch: School Video Interaction Guidance; Netherlands)
SVIBSpace-Variant Interconnect Block
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Each occupational scale has been developed by contrasting the SVIB responses of men for a specified occupation (the criterion sample) with a group of men in general, representing a sample of men from many diverse occupations.
The Strong Vocational Interest Blank (SVIB; Strong, 1927) identified occupations in which an individual might share similar interests with others choosing the same occupations.
Although moderate correlations were found between the CPI Fe scale and the SVIB MF scale (-.41) and the MMPI Mf scale (+.43) (Gough, 1964), construct validity is still lacking because a considerable proportion of the variance of any two of the tests described is not held in common (Constantinople, 1973).
As part of wider research into the applicability of biodata, Mumford & Owens (1982) also used biodata to correlate scores on the Strong Vocational Interest Blank (SVIB) with life history items for a group of undergraduate students.
Women's working patterns related to the SVIB housewife and "own" occupational scores.