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SVIDSystem V Interface Definition
SVIDSuper Video
SVIDSimultaneous Voice and Data
SVIDSubsystem Vendor Id
SVIDSystem Video Interface Definition
SVIDSunnyside Valley Irrigation District
SVIDSecure and Verifiable Identification (Colorado)
SVIDSpace Vehicle Identification (GPS)
SVIDSatellite-Vehicle Identification Number
SVIDSubterranean Video (Boston, MA)
SVIDSmall Vessel Ischemic Disease
SVIDStatus Variable Identification
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(3.) Tena tyaktena bhu[bar{n}]j[bar{i}]th[bar{a}] m[bar{a}] grdhah kasya svid dhanam.
What might argue for this interpretation is the possibly ironic use of svid 'perchance' in the preceding sloka; and supplying 'again' in the sentence in question can be considered justified by the parallel punah 'again' of the second sentence in the same line.