SVIISilicon Valley Innovation Institute (Half Moon Bay, CA)
SVIIStrategic Vista International, Inc. (video security developer; Canada)
SVIIStrong Vocational Interest Inventory
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23F; Ppm, Ver anexo digital); proyeccion posterior media del SVIII con pelos largos en el apice que sobrepasan el margen posterior de SVII ([masculinidad]) [51.1] (Fig.
SVII con margen posterior usualmente bilobulada, sin pelos (Fig.
SVII con margen medial posterior de levemente curvada a muy hendida, sin pelos (Fig.
SVII con margen posterior levemente curvada, sin pelos.
SVII posterior margin usually bilobed, hairless (Fig.
The 'Spirit' (hereafter SVII) began as a poltergeist: construing, interpreting, and extrapolating, until the pronouncements and practices implemented on her behalf bore little resemblance to the conciliar documents, and the Church bore little resemblance to the Bride of Christ.
In The Ratzinger Report, Cardinal Ratzinger labeled SVII the "'Konzils-Ungeist", calling it a "pernicious anti-spirit ...
The children of SVII will not go quietly, but go they will.
The tissue was then examined with a Zeiss SVII dissecting microscope equipped with a polarization indifferent digital camera, under depolarized epi-illumination, and with a rotating linear polarizing filter (Polaroid HN38S) installed in the outgoing light path.
Rheological behavior of PVAc dispersions was determined on a Haake Rotovisko RV3 rotational viscometer with coaxial cylinders (measuring head SVII).
According to Google, the Catlin Seaview Survey used a specially designed underwater camera, the SVII, to take these photos.