SVIPSuper Very Important Person
SVIPSecure Voice Improvement Program (US DoD)
SVIPSwitched Versatile Interface Processor (Cisco)
SVIPSecure Voice Improvement Plan/Program
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This is a true fan andn not someone who simple uses fame to get SVIP treatment.
"The European project, 8K SVIP, is the easy bridge to the future 8K broadcast studio.
If the functions [g.sub.i] and [h.sub.j] are differentiable for all i, j then MSOP (1.4) can be solved by many different methods or reformulated equivalently to the multiple set SVIP [7, Section 6.1] for derivative operators [nabla][g.sub.i] and [nabla][h.sub.j].
This package is inclusive of two SVIP tickets for the New Year Grand Countdown amounting to P17,000 each and a brunch for four at the Marriott Cafe.
Limited seats are available for SVIP, VIP and Gold.
For their upcoming concert, the first 400 SVIP ticketholders will get a limited edition 7' Sandwich vinyl!
2010) ("SVIP easily could have protected its investment and avoided its current fate through any number of means.
and ticket prices range from P1,500 for silver to P5,000 for SVIP seats.
SVIP tickets to the two-night Madonna concerts on Feb.
The website Metrodeal even published a special offer of 30 and 50 percent discounts to SVIP Britney tickets, though the announcement was taken down after selling eight tickets.
How much: P28,350 (SVIP); P23,100 (VIP); P15,570 (Patron); P12,600 (Lower Box A);
Philippine Concerts have announced ticket prices, starting at P1,650 for general admission, up to P19,070 for SVIP.