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SVIRScuole Valsesiane in Rete (Italian: Valsesiana Schools on the Net; Valsesia, Italy)
SVIRSalicornia Virginica
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The rest of the Northern Veps settlements belonged to the so-called [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with its centre on the Svir, which thus connected them with the Central-Veps territory.
Meridionalem constituunt finem amnis Svir, lacus Ladoga, flumen Neva sinusque Fennicus.
State wise poverty lines are obtained by making use of 1987-88 and 1993-94 SVIR and SVIU and the all India poverty norms.
Product highlights: "From Hell to Hell," producer, Artur Brauner; director, Dmitri Astrachen; cast, Anja Kling, Gennadi Svir, Valeria Valeeva.
One reason why travel to Eastern Europe has increased is because of new European river cruises on the Svir and Volga rivers in Russia.
Visit Russia's historic sites while cruising the Svir and Volga Rivers: Russia has become the latest destination for the river cruising industry.