SVLRScots Vowel-Length Rule
SVLRSorry, Very Late Reply
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His biggest strength is his systematic, sequential approach, reminiscent of a skilled detective following clues to reach a solution, which one can see best in the treatment of Open Syllable Lengthening (OSL), the developments of the front vowels (notably Vowels 3, 4, and 8) within the Great Vowel Shift (GVS) complex and the Scottish Vowel Length rule (SVLR), covering developments vowel by vowel, environment by environment, resolutely and doggedly.
If this is true, Vowel 4 must have gotten as far as [I:] in short environments before SVLR applied, and in these dialects, Vowel 3 already equalled 2 (p.139).
Though the existence of SVLR is convincingly 'proven' (pp.125-26), more does need to be done whether or not phenomena like the 'Glasgow Drawl' and the occasional lengthening of Vowels 16 and 17 one gets in the Lothians and Borders have any degree of time depth.