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maximus collected 1938 to 1973 from the Cape Region (N24[degrees]21' to N22[degrees]52') Baja California Sur, Mexico consisting of 31 adults (19 males, mean snout vent length, SVL = 106.4 mm [+ or -] 16.3 SD, range = 76-133 mm; 12 females, mean SVL = 108.2 mm[+ or -] 10.9 SD, range = 93-124 mm) and 8 juveniles (mean SVL = 61.3 mm [+ or -] 13.4 SD, range = 46-78 mm) were examined from the herpetology collections of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (LACM), Los Angeles, California, USA and the San Diego Society Natural History (SDSNH), San Diego, California USA: LACM 14644, 14645, 14651-14653, 51865, 51866, 51868, 74277-74283; SDSNH 17668-17672, 17675, 30242-30251, 45013, 45061, 46059, 46871, 52981, 52989, 57735, 57737.
holbrooki and snout-to-vent lengths (SVL) of tadpoles were measured to 1 mm by placing individuals on a wet plastic surface and gently aligning them with a 150 mm stainless steel ruler.
With respect to the accuracy of measurements, our a priori assumptions were supported for egg and adult stage salamanders, as diameters, SVLs and TLs were significantly larger when utilizing digital image analyses.
This leads to more product consolidation and repricing in the short term, as well as a repositioning of SVL plans within company portfolios.
As with other species of Thamnophis, adult females were significantly larger than males in SVL and body mass, and females also had longer jaws.
I measured body size (snout-vent length, SVL) to the nearest millimeter with a plastic ruler, and head length (HL) to 0.5 mm using calipers.
Eleven males (mean snout-vent length, SVL = 104.5 mm [+ or -] 12.5 SD, range = 83-120 mm); 27 females (mean SVL = 108.7 mm [+ or -] 12.3 SD, range = 87-133 mm); 3 juveniles (mean SVL 69.3 mm [+ or -] 8.1 SD, range = 62-78 mm) and one neonate (SVL = 42 mm) X.
Gonadal development was examined in four males (80, 100, 110, 125 mm SVLs) and one female (135 mm SVL) using standard histological techniques (dehydration, paraffin embedding, sectioning, rehydration, staining, dehydration and coverslipping using Permount[R] [Fisher Chemical, Fair Lawn, New Jersey] as the mounting medium; Kiernan, 1990).
To minimize measurement error, all SVLs were measured when females had body temperatures of [greater than]30 [degrees] C.
smithii male and female mean SVLs using Instat (vers.
Based on mean condition for iguanas of this length, these masses would have been equivalent to threshold SVLs of 185 mm and 230 mm on Genovesa and 298 mm and 326 mm on Santa Fe (during 1991/1992 and 1992/1993, respectively).