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SVMSchool of Veterinary Medicine
SVMService Module (also abbreviated as S/M)
SVMSecure Virtual Machine
SVMShared Virtual Memory
SVMAlliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (Serbia and Montenegro)
SVMService Method
SVMSaskatchewan Volunteer Medal
SVMSwiss Volvo Meeting (car club; Switzerland)
SVMSuper Varmint Master (ammunition)
SVMSmall Vision Module
SVMSmart Valve Monitor (Rotork)
SVMSemi Volatile Metal
SVMStructural Verification Model
SVMSystems and Virtualization Management Conference
SVMShip Valve Manual
SVMSystem Validation Model
SVMStrategic Option Valuation Model
SVMSystème Vision Mesure (French: Vision Measuring System)
SVMShareholder Value Management
SVMStudent Volunteer Movement
SVMSupport Vector Machines
SVMSilicon Valley Microelectronics
SVMState Variable Model
SVMSkillVantage Manager
SVMSolaris Volume Manager
SVMSmart Volume Management (EAX technology)
SVMStorage Virtualization Manager (StoreAge)
SVMSpace Vector Modulation
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Prior to joining SVM, Truong was Chief Information Officer at UniRush, LLC, a payments program manager and service provider in the financial services industry, where he was responsible for information technology, technology operations, information security, product innovation and delivery.
SVM chairperson, Kelebogile Maplanka said in an interview that SVM was aware of their hectic schedule this year.
The primary aim in SVM is to construct a hyper plane.
Keywords: Network intrusion detection, SVM, Kernel method, Game theory, Nash equilibrium
SVM is a new kind of machine learning method based on statistical theory.
Peoples Trust, a federally chartered prepaid card issuer in Canada, has said that it has expanded its issuing services to SVM LP, a company involved in innovative gift card solutions for businesses.
Marshall Reavis, founder and CEO of SVM said, In acquiring 1to1 Card, we are furthering SVM's leadership in the incentive, rewards and loyalty markets.
Initially, SVM and 1 to 1 Card will maintain separate offices and operations.
The theories of the ICA and SVM are not given in this paper.
The aim of the paper is finding the relationship between reflectometry response and topology network, and solving the inversion problem by SVM to reconstruct the network.
On the one hand, it is more precise than MLPNN and single-output LS-SVM; on the other hand, it needs not to train each unknown like SVM or single-output LS-SVM.
Novel methods are developed by making some changes to the standard SVM models that enable the development of powerful new algorithms, including v-SVM (Scholkopf, Smola 2002; Vapnik 1998), linear programming SVM (Deng, Tian 2009; Deng et al.