SVMASonoma Valley Museum of Art (Sonoma, CA)
SVMASecretaria do Verde e Meio Ambiente
SVMASaskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association (Canada)
SVMASonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance (Sonoma, CA)
SVMASilver Valley Mining Association
SVMASaginaw Valley Manufacturer's Association (Michigan)
SVMASouth Valley Merchants Alliance
SVMASumpter Valley Museum Association (Sumpter, OR)
SVMASecure Virtual Machine Architecture
SVMASacramento Valley Marine Association (San Leandro, CA)
SVMASierra Veterinary Medical Association
SVMASplit Volume Moving Average
SVMASouthwest Vegetation Management Association (Phoenix, AZ)
SVMASumpter Valley Management Area
SVMASilicon Valley Marketing Association
SVMASouthern Village Master Association (Raleigh, NC)
SVMASierra Valley Medical Associates
SVMAsoftware virtual memory array
SVMAspontaneous vertical motor activity
SVMAShared Vision Marketing Analysis
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The present study was carried out with 55 schools of the municipality that undertook the course "Educational Gardens" in 2016, ministered by the SME in partnership with SVMA and SDTE.
This use is contraindicated by SVMA because of the risk of release of chemical contaminants in the crop.
where F(L) = I + [F.sup.1]L + [F.sup.2][L.up.2] + ....Hence, the SVMA representation of Equation (2) is
The SVMA (A3.2) and the reduced form VMA([infinity]) also restrict [e.sub.t] = [B.sub.0][[??].sub.t] and [B.sub.j] = [A.sub.j][B.sub.0].
Now, given the estimate of [C.sub.0], the SVMA in (5) may be used to calculate the impulse responses, the variance decompositions, and the historical or real-time decomposition of [r.sub.t].(4) The empirical results obtained by using these tools of analysis are presented and discussed in the following section.