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The following MLCs were tested: bagging (BAG), na'ive-bayes (NB), linear support vector machine (SVML), Gaussian support vector machine (SVMG), multilayer perceptron (MLP), radial basis function (RBF), random forest (RAN), ensemble selections (ENS), classification tree (CTREE), and AdaBoost M1 (ADA).
When a small number of parameters was used, there was an increase in the aROCs of 9 of 10 classifiers: SVML (13.0% increase), MLP (9.7%), SVMG (9.5%), RAN (8.9%), CTREE (6.6%), NB (6.3%), ENS (4.5%), RBF (3.2%) BAG (2.9%), and ADA (0%).
The best individual parameter was inferior quadrant (aROC = 0.813), the best classifier trained with all OCT parameters was SVMg (aROC = 0.795), and the best classifier trained with two SD-OCT parameters was BAG (aROC = 0.818) (P = 0.93) [21].