SVMRSupport Vector Machine Regression
SVMRSupport Vector Machine Regression (genetic prediction)
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Gao, "Estimating soil organic carbon using Vis/NIR spectroscopy with SVMR and SPA methods," Remote Sensing, vol.
To evaluate the performance of the SVMR classifiers, three types of data have been used:
Figures 4 and 5 show respectively an example of the reject region produced by the SVMR classifier for [theta] = 1 and for [theta] > 1.
For illustration, we compare the reject rates obtained with the SVMR classifiers proposed in [10, 11, 12] where the reject threshold [[delta].sub.o] [member of] [r, 1 - r] and the SVMR classifier proposed in [13] where the reject thresholds are [[delta].sub.+] = log([P.sub.+] + /(1 - [P.sub.+])) and [[delta].sub.-] = log([P.sub.-]/(1 - [P.sub.-])) respectively for positive and negative examples.
On the contrary, Gaussian kernel is a better choice [30], which is most commonly used in SVMR; namely,