SVOIStar Voice of India (TV show)
SVOISchweizerische Vereinigung Osteogenesis Imperfecta (German: Swiss Association of Osteogenesis Imperfecta)
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Karimov, Uzbekistan: svoi put' obnovleniia i progress (Tashkent: Uzbekiston, 1992) ["Uzbekistan: Its Own Way of Renovation and Progress"]; I.A.
Karimov, Islam, Uzbekistan: svoi put' obnovleniia progress [Uzbekistan: Its Own Way of Renovation and Progress], Uzhekiston, Tashkent, 1992.
The contexts for subject ellipsis yielded four configurations -- SV, SV(O), SVO, and SVOI; for direct object ellipsis three configurations -- SV(O), SVO, and SVOI; and for indirect object ellipsis only one configuration -- SVOI.
El pronombre posesivo reflexivo ruso 'svoi' solo puede usarse cuando el sujeto gramatical de la oracion y el poseedor son una misma persona.
His next play, Bankrut(1850; "The Bankrupt"), written in 1849 and later renamed Svoi lyudi--sochtyomsya!
His first published play was Bankrot ( The Bankrupt, 1847; produced 1850 as Svoi lyudi -- sochtiomsya ).
(51) For the analysis of svoi in a late Soviet context, see Alexei Yurchak, Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More: The Last Soviet Generation (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2005), esp.
The list of serious mistranslations include the rendering of Pushkin's "i ot sudeb zashchity net" as "and there is no defense to be found in judgment" (297); "vek zakatilsia" as "the age was eclipsed" (234); the phrase "otsepenelymi rukami skhvativ zheleznyi svoi venets" is transformed into "his hands pinned in irons.
Der bekannte Vers aus der Mitte des Tjutcev-Gedichts schliesst die nicht zitierten, jedoch von Vasilij Ivanovic uber eine lange Strecke glucklich befolgten Verse mit ein: "Molci, skryvajsja i tai / I cuvstva i mecty svoi", wobei "Molci!", viermal wiederholt, in Tjutcevs Gedicht dominiert.
A 1569/70 bill of sale and title clearance, for property sold by Andrei Rakov to the Archangel Cathedral in Moscow, explained that Ivan had granted the estate to Rakov in exchange for the dowry land of his wife, Pelageia, in Kostroma District, that Ivan had confiscated for "the tsar's bright presence, the oprichnina" (v svoi tsar'skuiu svetlost' v oprichninu).