SVORStichting Vluchtelingen Organisaties Rijnmond (Dutch: Foundation for Refugee Organizations Rijnmond; Rijnmond, Katwijk, Netherlands)
SVORSexual or Violent Offender Registry (Department of Justice; Montana)
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Our continuous GPS stations data (observed offsets) are reported in Table 2 including NOANET stations VLSM and PONT, one private-company station (KEFA) and one station from the HEPOS network (; their station 040A renamed SVOR in this paper), in total four (4) stations in operation during the first event.
9a) fits better the observed surface displacements, as motion vectors of VLSM & SVOR fit very well the modeled ones (Figs.
In 2.2, we encountered the imperative formsftax '(substandard) open!' (SHptax), sbor '(substandard) break!' (SH svor).
Though SVOR is a method to solve a specialization of the multi-class classification problem and has many applications itself (Herbrich et al.
In fact, it can be shown that, under some assumptions, USVM is equivalent to K-SVCR (Angulo, Catala 2000), and is also equivalent to the SVOR with M = 3 with slight modification (Gao 2008).