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SVR4System V Release 4
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There was only one virologic failure in the study, and two patients who did not achieve SVR4 were lost to follow-up at week 12, noted Dr.
In 1997, Unisys announced termination plans for its SVR4 system and began a migration program to help customers who wanted to continue using UNIX find a workable solution.
"Potent and consistent antiviral efficacy was demonstrated at 24-week end-of-treatment and in interim SVR4 and SVR12 rates with no major differences between TMC435 doses or length of triple therapy," Medivir said.
It's our guess that Sun would have to go to Santa Cruz Operation Inc, last resting place of Unix SVR4 and the basis of Solaris, to discuss how it might get the rights and permissions to do what it would like to with Solaris.
In turn, the object manager (OM) implements the SVR4 file system services; the streams manager (StM) implements SVR4 streams; and the ipc manager (ipcM) implements SVR4 interprocess communication.
USL and Novel also formed a company, called Univel, to integrate Netware technology into SVR4.2, creating a version known as UnixWare.
DG's plan had been to supersede its DG/UX Unix with a UnixWare based on SCO's 64-bit implementation of Unix SVR4, but is reconsidering its position in light of SCO's alignment around AIX.
The most standard versions of Unix, such as SVR4, OSF/1, Berkeley bsd 4.3, and SunOS all provide these facilities.