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SVRCSoftware Verification Research Centre (Australia)
SVRCSchool Violence Resource Center
SVRCStatewide Vision Resource Centre (Victoria, Australia)
SVRCStudent Voices Resource Center (NetDay)
SVRCShenandoah Valley Reading Council (Bridgewater, VA)
SVRCSatellite Viewing Rights Coalition
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During planning and transition meetings, SVRCs, transition specialists, and CRPs view their primary role as assisting with vocational goals.
However, CIL personnel, unlike SVRCs, transition specialists, and CRPs reported that parents/guardians most often initiated (M=1.60, SD=0.89) their participation in transition planning meetings.
Possibly CRPs' view their role as secondary to other rehabilitation professionals (e.g., SVRCs; transition specialists) even though CRPs routinely provide adult rehabilitation services through contracts with DRS.
SVRCs None Employment Assistance Training for Employment ** CILs None Information and Referral Individual and Systems Advocacy Independent.
The plaintiff filed suit against SVRC, claiming the company violated the Whistleblowers' Protection Act by retaliating against Rivera when she was about to report LS's conduct to the police and by retaliating against her for reporting LS's conduct to Mair.
Rivera also claimed that SVRC violated Michigan public policy.
After the Saginaw Circuit Court denied the defendant's motion for summary disposition, SVRC appealed.
SVRC argued that it should be granted summary disposition on the "about to report" claim because Rivera presented no evidence that she was about to report LS's conduct to the police.
The COA also agreed with SVRC in that it should be granted summary disposition based on plaintiff's WPA claim premised on her communication with Mair.
The court argued that Rivera did not take it upon herself to communicate with Mair, but rather she spoke with Mair at SVRC's request.
The court also determined that Rivera did not present any new information to Mair because of her previous communications with SVRC. Therefore, Rivera did not engage in protected activity under the WPA, the court ruled.