SVRPSamoupravo in Regionalno Politiko (Slovenian: Government and Regional Policy)
SVRPSlow Ventral Root Potential
SVRPSouthwest Voter Registration Project
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[40] SVRP 2003 Lucic and Teodorovic; [83] VRPTW 2013 Nikolic et al.
[27], there are no commonly used benchmarks in the SVRP literature, and therefore, each paper presents a different set of randomly generated instances for the different SVRP variants that they studied [14, 16, 17, 27].
During the spring of 2002, representatives of Spokane and Coeur d'Alene Chambers of Commerce, employees of the regulatory agencies of Idaho and Washington (Idaho Department of Water Resources, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Idaho Panhandle Health District, Washington Department of Ecology, Spokane County Utilities Water Resources program), and representatives from local environmental organizations (Kootenai Environmental Alliance, Friends of the Aquifer, Sierra Club, The Lands Council) began meeting to discuss the water resources of the SVRP aquifer.
The goal of the project is to obtain comprehensive technical data that will provide a scientific basis for water management of the SVRP aquifer.
The water level elevations could be shared with the agencies conducting the SVRP aquifer study for inclusion in the data to be used to calibrate the computer model.
In a comprehensive review of SVRP literature, starting with Tillman's pioneering piece, Gendreau et al.
Fourth, Waters estimated a separate formula for each of the test cases he studied, without indicating how someone facing a particular SVRP case would determine which formula is appropriate for that case.