SVRSSorenson Video Relay Service (deaf video call service)
SVRSSafety Vacuum Release System (pool and spa drains)
SVRSStatewide Voter Registration System
SVRSStatistically Valid Random Sample
SVRSSecurity Vulnerability Repository Service (EU project)
SVRSShrouded Ventilated Rotary Sander (construction)
SVRSSolvent Vapor Recovery System
SVRSSwiss Volley Region Solothurn (volleyball club; Solothurn, Switzerland)
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Dates for England's 2015 Test tour of West Indies itinerary, April 6-7: two-day warm-up, St Kitts, April 8-9: two-day warm-up, St Kitts, April 13-17: 1st Test SVRS, Antigua, April 21-25: 2nd Test Grenada National Stadium, Grenada, May 1-5: 3rd Test Kensington Oval, Barbados.
SVRS will automatically straighten, crop and optimize exposure in real time.
It states that every pool should have either an ASME-approved SVRS an "approved" gravity drainage system.
based SVRS manufacturer, said he voted against the proposed standard.
So, based on that, having an SVRS backup was not necessary.
Today, even those who question the device's value admit that the public debate which has been raised by SVRS manufacturers has forced the industry to re-examine the way it constructs pools.
The move marks the first entry into the SVRS market by a major manufacturer.
We have already had a great of interest from the SVRS and vent-line crowd, who [want to take part in the review process]," he said.
Regarding the current code, Ken Gregory, chairman of the FSPA Builders Council, said, "The SVRS people came to Florida a few years ago and caught us with our pants down.