SVSWASalinas Valley Solid Waste Authority (California)
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Bakas added, We have had a successful track record working with many counties and municipalities in California and across the nation to provide alternative energy resources, and we are excited that our project will help SVSWA and Palo Alto and its constituents to achieve their sustainability goals in a cost effective manner.
"Monterey County has been concerned for some time regarding the direction of the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority with respect to its finances, and the collection and disposal of waste within its jurisdictional boundaries," supervisors Simon Salinas and Lou Calcagno wrote in a July 13 letter to the SVSWA board.
The letter gives one-year notice to the waste authority of the county's intent to withdraw from SVSWA, a joint powers authority that includes a vast area from unincorporated North County to Salinas and South County cities.
Calcagno and Salinas both want to consider merging with SVSWA's coastal counterpart, the Monterey Regional Waste Management District, which operates a single landfill just north of Marina.