SVULSurvivorship Variable Universal Life
SVULStinger Vehicle Universal Launcher (Stinger anti-aircraft missile)
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Lincoln National Life SVUL ONE 2007 Death Benefit Guarantees; Death Benefit Sales; Cash Value Accumulation; Hybrid Product
New York Life NYLIAC SVUL Accumulator Cash Value Accumulation; Features & Riders; Income; Long Term Values; Liquidity
Lincoln National Life SVUL IV Low Premium to Endow & Carry; DB Guarantees to Age 100; Accumulation Sales; Built In Maturity Extension
Nationwide Life Best of America Protection SVUL DB Guarantees; Low Endowment Premiums; Low Premium to Carry; Broad Underwriting
Nationwide Life Best of America Next Generation SVUL Cash Accumulation; income Distribution; Low Expenses
New York Life NYLIAC SVUL Low Endowment Premium; High Cash Value; Broad Favorable Underwriting; Accumulation Sales
Today, with a hybrid SVUL product, clients still can enjoy the potential for cash value growth while letting the insurance company share the investment risk.
But, since the hybrid SVUL product includes lifetime guarantees, similar to the ones found with fixed products, clients enjoy the security of knowing the death benefit is guaranteed regardless of investment performance.
Like traditional SVUL policies, a hybrid SVUL offers fund selections run by the industry's top fund managers.
John Hancock Life Performance SVUL Short pay premium solves; low premium to endow
Lincoln National Life SVUL IV Low premium to endow and carry; death benefit guarantees to age 100; accumulation sales; built-in maturity extension
Nationwide Life Best of America Protection SVUL Death benefit guarantees; low endowment premiums; low premium to carry; broad underwriting