SVYScotts Valley (Amtrak station code; Scotts Valley, CA)
SVYSuomen Virtuaaliyliopisto (Finland: Virtual University Project)
SVYSomerset Valley YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; New Jersey)
SVYSingle V-Y Closure
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* Taylor series linearization method using Stata svyset GHLFSAM [pweight = PWEIGHT], strata(GVARSTR) vce(linearized) svy: regress DEPENDENT INDEPENDENTS The prescribed method of coefficient and standard error estimation when using SIPP data--Fay's BRR--required merging replicate weight variables REPWT1-REPWT120 from a supplemental public use data.
Statistical analyses were performed using Stata 11.2 (StataCorp, College Station, TX) using the svy commands for weighted regression and R version 3.0.0 (R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria).
Analizamos las tasas de respuesta y la prevalencia de sintomas y de infeccion en diferentes grupos mediante la prueba de la [chi square] e intervalos de confianza, calculados teniendo en cuenta la naturaleza jerarquica del muestreo (por vuelo), con la instruccion SVY en Stata.
The survey is online at and all who find time to complete it could make a real difference to someone with visual impairment.
The survey is online at 13IUKGs I'd be grateful if you could take just five minutes to complete the survey.
Multivariate analysis was repeated using the svy command to adjust for the clustering effect from sampling all women in each farm, and the magnitude of the effects remained the same.
Svy: tabulate twoway-Two-way tables for survey data.
Since DHS surveys use multistage cluster sampling methods, survey weights and survey-specific commands (svy in Stata 11) were applied to account for the complex survey design and to appropriately correct standard errors for all analyses.
STATA software (svy methods) was used to obtain the estimates of key indicators, significance values (p-values) and confidence intervals (95% CIs) that take into account the complex design and individual sample weights.
Mean proportions for each variable and prevalence rates of obesity and diabetes by selected factors were estimated using the svy: proportion command.
Mean BMI was estimated by using the "svy" commands in the Stata software package, version 11 (Stata, College Station, TX).