SVZSubventricular Zone (region of the brain)
SVZSan Antonio, Venezuela (Airport Code)
SVZSendzimir-Verzinkt (German steel plates)
SVZSky View Zone (website)
SVZStichting Volkshuisvesting Zevenaar (Dutch: Foundation Housing Zevenaar; Zevenaar, Netherlands)
SVZSchweizerische Versicherungs Zeitschrift (German: Swiss Insurance Magazine)
SVZSlovenska Veterinarska Zveza (Slovenian: Slovenian Veterinary Association)
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The brain tissues in the SVZ were immediately isolated and stored at −80[degrees]C for real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and Western blotting.
Observations in living embryos together with those in coronal slices indicate that medially-directed migratory behaviors are prominent for individually migrating interneurons in the IZ/ SVZ.
The most active NSC compartment is found in SVZ which represents a remnant of the embryonic germinal neuroepithelium, and persists throughout life as an active mitotic layer in the wall of the telencephalic lateral ventricles and along its rostral extension toward the olfactory bulb.
Two important neurogenic zones are related to the olfactory system: the neural epithelium in the OM in the periphery and the SVZ in the CNS (Figure 1).
In September 2000, SVZ installed a British Gas-Lurgi oxygen-blown gasifier, which enables the production of higher quality methanol.
Furthermore, inhibiting serotonin synthesis or injuring neurons that release serotonin decreases NSC proliferation in both the SVZ and the dentate gyrus, whereas partially restoring the release of serotonin returns NSC proliferation to normal levels.
Project goals: (1) to examine the conditions necessary to grow SVZ stem cells in culture and stimulate them to become neurons and (2) to determine if these stem cells can multiply and grow into neurons trace they have been transplanted into either intact or damaged spinal cords.
sup][9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14] In rodent models, neurons originating from these two areas have distinct destinies: the neuroblasts derived from the SVZ migrate along the rostral migratory stream, become interneurons, and integrate with other cells in the olfactory bulb.
Researchers don't know all the parts of the circuit yet, nor the code it's using, but by controlling ChAT+ neurons' signals Kuo and his Duke colleagues have established that these neurons are necessary and sufficient to control the production of new neurons from the SVZ niche.
Zhu said if glioblastoma originates in neural stem cells in the SVZ in humans as it does in mice, the study suggests that doctors need to direct treatments there, as well as to the tumour, for eliminating the source of the cancer and keep it from returning.