SW-CMMSoftware Capability Maturity Model (Software Engineering Institute)
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This model can be used either together with SW-CMM or separately to assess capability of Requirement Engineering process.
Monitoring Risks and Stakeholder Involvement are also more strongly emphasized in the CMMI compared to the SW-CMM. PMC also includes Monitor Data Management.
* Measurement and Analysis (new) makes crystal clear the intent of the Measurement and Analysis common feature found in the SW-CMM. An organization that barely passes the Measurement and Analysis Common Feature requirements of the SWCMM would not pass the measurement requirements of CMMI.
It incorporates and expands on the interface ideas of Systems Engineering and Software Engineering with regard to gathering, analyzing, documenting and maintaining requirements found in the SW-CMM. Requirements Development truly shows the recursive and iterative nature of developing requirements: the Requirements Development process area includes a description of developing an operational concept and operational scenarios to refine and discover new requirements, needs and constraints that include the interaction of the product, the end user and the environment.
* Organizational Process Definition wording has changed subtly but significantly from that of the SW-CMM. "Establish and maintain a usable set of organizational process assets including the organization's set of standard processes," acknowledges that an organization may utilize more than one standard process to handle its product lines and business needs.
It will cover such topics as transition to CMMI for SW-CMM and EIA/IS-731, CMMI technical discussion groups, implementation strategies, assessment, appraisal and evaluation methodologies, and lessons learned, plus tutorials and seminars.
aerospace and commercial companies, SW-CMM and CMMI Transition Partners,
The December V1.1 release also initiated a two-year countdown to the start of the final phase-out of SW-CMM and ETA/IS-731, which were source models for CMMI, thus defining the sunset period for these models.