SW2SmartWatch 2
SW2Samurai Warriors 2 (video game)
SW2Steelworker Second Class (Naval Rating)
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First, as shown in Figure 3, when Kalman filter is used, S4 is connected to S5 by SW2, S7 is connected by SW3, and S8 is connected by SW5.
Therefore, we used a more sensitive, nested reverse transcription PCR technique that targeted a highly preserved fragment of the viral hemagglutinin (H) gene (3) to investigate the lung (SW1), brain (SW3), and lymphoid tissues (SW2 and SW3) of the 3 adult whales and the lung, kidney, and liver of the fetus (SW1b).
In Figure 4, SW1, SW2, and SW3 are controlled by test signal T, which isolates the CUT from the rest of the circuit and connects it to the testing circuitry and test output in order to perform the test.
It can be expected that successful naming of one of the source words triggers naming of the other, therefore a variable indicating correct or incorrect naming of SW2 was included as one of the predictors in models for SW1, and vice versa.
Average slaughter weight was found to be 94.2 kg in SW1, in SW2 it was 105.8 kg and in SW3 was 115.2 kg (p<0.001).
Chum and pink salmon abundance indices for early juvenile (SW1a), middle juvenile (SW1b), late juvenile (SW1c), 1st immature (SW2), 2nd immature (SW3), and maturing (SW4) stages were back-calculated from the numbers of pink and chum salmon returns (harvest and escapement) of North America by management region, time series of age composition of chum salmon, and marine mortality schedules for pink and chum salmon.
For a wavelength [lambda] =20.8m which is equal to one tenth SW2. Each of the slits Si to S9 has a width that is much larger than the wavelength used.
The SW2 port rotation is Shanghai Ningbo Xiamen Shekou Nansha Singapore Lome Tincan Tema Abidjan Colombo Port Klang Singapore and back to Shanghai.
Five samples (codes: SW1, SW2, Kh1, Ac7 and SZ3) were harvested from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Punjab provinces of Pakistan, six samples (codes: S1-S6) were from Savanna regions of Sudan and three samples (codes: L1-L3) were from Mediterranean Sea area near BenGhazi district of Libya.
Five SOB isolates IW1 (2.84) SW2 (2.63) IW13 (3.53) IW14 (3.08) and SM1 (3.74) depicted pH values between 2.60 to3.75 (net decrease of 4.25 to 5.40 points) and pH of the 4SOB isolates SS1 (4.46) WR12 (5.50) SM3 (5.31) and SW11 (5.12) remained in the range of 4.40 to 5.50 (net decrease of 2.50 to 3.60 points).
The first was a natural water (NW) obtained from a spring in the area of Embrapa Cerrados, in Planaltina, Federal District, Brazil (15[degrees]35'41.5"S and 47[degrees]44'45.3"W), with hardness about 2 [+ or -] 1 mg/L CaC[O.sub.3], and the other three were reconstituted waters prepared according to the guidelines described by ABNT (2004) and with the following standards of hardness in CaCO,: 10 [+ or -] 2 mg/L, soft water (SW1); 40 [+ or -] 5 mg/L, soft water (SW2) and 120 [+ or -] 2 mg/L, moderately hard (Mill) all using distilled water with added salts according to this standard protocol.
Sw1 is used to turn the DTFT into a diode-connected structure; Sw2 detects the voltage between the gate and the drain ([V.sub.GD]) in the DTFT; Sw3 controls the emission stage of the OLED; Sw4 is used to control data input.