SW3Samurai Warriors 3 (video game)
SW3Star Wars Trilogy
SW3Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (comet)
SW3Steelworker Third Class (Naval Rating)
SW3Chief Steelworker (Naval Rating)
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Therefore, we used a more sensitive, nested reverse transcription PCR technique that targeted a highly preserved fragment of the viral hemagglutinin (H) gene (3) to investigate the lung (SW1), brain (SW3), and lymphoid tissues (SW2 and SW3) of the 3 adult whales and the lung, kidney, and liver of the fetus (SW1b).
Average slaughter weight was found to be 94.2 kg in SW1, in SW2 it was 105.8 kg and in SW3 was 115.2 kg (p<0.001).
Chum and pink salmon abundance indices for early juvenile (SW1a), middle juvenile (SW1b), late juvenile (SW1c), 1st immature (SW2), 2nd immature (SW3), and maturing (SW4) stages were back-calculated from the numbers of pink and chum salmon returns (harvest and escapement) of North America by management region, time series of age composition of chum salmon, and marine mortality schedules for pink and chum salmon.
When [V.sub.SCAN1] remains high, it sustains SW1 and SW3 in the "on" state and SW2 in the "off" state.
In this investigation, SW2 and SW3 are turned ON or OFF simultaneously to keep the symmetry of the antenna so as to obtain good radiation patterns.
87 george street, edinburgh eh2 3ey telephone 0131 225 4898 52 beauchamp place, london sw3 1ny telephone 020 7589 3215
The service will be held at noon at St Luke's Church, Sydney St, Chelsea, London SW3, his wife Margaret said in a statement.
SW3 Mandy Lewis (foreground) and EO2 Casey Rider (right), assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74, Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, steadies a drill pipe that is being hoisted as the team assembles a well drilling rig during site setup at Shabaha village, Garissa, Kenya.
A Met spokesman said: "An investigation is under way into the death of a 32-year-old man who fell ill after being restrained by members of the public and being arrested on suspicion of burglary at an address in Chelsea, SW3."
Please send letters to: Financial Management, Caspian Publishing, 198 King's Road, London SW3 5XR E-mail: nc1@caspianpublishinq.co.uk
For the new study, the Johns Hopkins team observed the breakup of a comet called 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (SW3).