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SWAPSSector Wide Approaches in Health
SWAPSSpectral Wave Prediction System
SWAPSSouth West Adult Placement Scheme (UK)
SWAPSSouth Western Area Pathology Service (Australia)
SWAPSSpecial Whatchamcallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere
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And as a wine that's not afraid to stand out from the crowd and celebrate its own uniqueness, we're excited to partner with The Swapaholics' community of fashion-forward women from around the country through the Swap.
Because important definitions including that of "swap" remain undetermined under Dodd-Frank, the full scope of the reporting requirements for pre-enactment swaps remains unknown.
Swap shellfish soup, 500 calories, for mussels, 190 calories
Moody's framework for de-linking hedge counterparty risk provides that hedge transactions are collateralised upon breach of certain rating triggers relating to the swap counterparty.
Participants in the yen-dollar currency swap market should be interested in knowing if the dealer route for arranging swaps is efficient since efficiency will affect currency swap pricing.
As of June 2006, according to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.
The new contracts and their commodity codes are: EIA on-highway retail diesel swap (HI), gasoil (ICE) mini calendar swap (QA), gasoil 0.
At a news conference held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, CME Chairman Jack Sandner announced plans for the establishment of the CME Swaps Collateral Depository, a private sector initiative aimed at minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency in the rapidly growing, global, non- exchange-traded "swaps" market.
The agreement is an important step in reducing risk to the financial system, as it gives the Commodity Futures Trading Commission the power to eliminate legal risks associated with swaps in the U.
Although the swaps do not retrospectively qualify for hedge accounting under SFAS No.
Merrill Lynch is currently one of the leading participants in the global market for swaps, options and other derivative products.
Pembridge Square provides protection to the swap counterparty via a CDS that is collateralized with the issuance proceeds of the notes.