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SWAPSSector Wide Approaches in Health
SWAPSSpectral Wave Prediction System
SWAPSSouth West Adult Placement Scheme (UK)
SWAPSSouth Western Area Pathology Service (Australia)
SWAPSSpecial Whatchamcallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere
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engaging in any activity causing one to be commonly known in the trade as a dealer or market maker in swaps.
A tax swap is one of the most common of all bond swaps.
The Interim Final Rule provides details as to the reporting requirements for pre-enactment swaps that are expected to come with the issuance of a final rule.
Swap shellfish soup, 500 calories, for mussels, 190 calories
Moody's framework for de-linking hedge counterparty risk provides that hedge transactions are collateralised upon breach of certain rating triggers relating to the swap counterparty.
Participants in the yen-dollar currency swap market should be interested in knowing if the dealer route for arranging swaps is efficient since efficiency will affect currency swap pricing.
Under the normal rules for accounting for swaps under Regs.
For currency swaps in permitted currencies, 'A-1+' rated counterparties do not have to post collateral.
For Rice, 41, it's meant building his firm into an operation specializing in municipal interest-rate swaps, one of several types of securities known as derivatives.
You enter into a swap with a swap counterparty, using the equities it wants to allocate to a different asset class.
That definition includes traditional instruments such as receivables, payables, debt securities and common stock, as well as more innovative financial instruments such as financial futures and forward contracts, interest rate swaps and caps, collateralized mortgage obligations and financial guarantees.
Sweeney has been working with Yoplait Light on the Do the Swap campaign since August, and makes simple swaps into her daily routine to help stay fit as well as squeeze in quality family time.