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SWARDSemantic Web Abridged Relational Databases
SWARDSouth West Agricultural Regional Development
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Canopy height was determined using a sward stick (BARTHRAM, 1985) by using 50 readings per paddock along 5 transect lines (10 points per transect) in a zigzag pattern.
The wet summer of 2012 left a legacy of compacted soils, open swards and diminished ryegrass but Farming Connect shared a series of improvement strategies with farmers during an open day at the farm.
A two-factorial analysis of variance (ANOVA) was calculated for every period and considered the factors sward and drought stress.
Moreover, the difference in the defoliation patterns of tillers in the horizontal plane of the sward, although little understood, determines horizontal sward structure, which affects forage plant growth (SANTOS et al.
Still, Sward said she believes life unfolds as "part of God's plan" and said she hopes Swartout can maintain the sobriety she established after announcing her pregnancy and while in jail.
We relish the communications from our graduates, as well as contacts from men who call with questions on sobriety issues or the need for referral," said Sward.
Prior to joining NPH in 2005, Sward served as an investment advisory analyst at JPMorgan where he was responsible for organizing and analyzing 401(k) plans for large institutional clients.
Attending the bride as matron of honor was the bride's sister, Jillian James Foster of Tupelo; Bridesmaids were Amy Elizabeth Grey of Vicksburg; Kandice Smith Rowe of Byram; Lauren Leatrice Moore and Kimberly Wynell Ward of Hattiesburg; Ashley Michelle Loper of Ocean Springs; Frances Anne Byrnes of Gulf port; Avery AnneLynn Sward of Big Point; and Lindsey Marie Locke of Vancleave.
Coaching has been created because there is no 'people' time," said Cynthia Sward, a personal coach in Pasadena.
It's a perfectly balanced lawn feed which promises a thicker sward and healthy roots.
If Lampard had been ruled out by his wrist injury, why did England doctor Leif Sward tell a reporter from Sky Television he was fit minutes before Wednesday night's game?
May 5: England doctor Leif Sward reveals his confidence that Rooney will feature in the World Cup.