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SWARMSouthwest Alliance to Resist Militarization
SWARMSystem Wide Adaptive Ramp Metering (traffic pattern monitoring)
SWARMSmart Warfighting Array of Reconfigurable Modules
SWARMSafety for Women and Responsible Motherhood (Colorado)
SWARMStabilised Weapon and Reconnaissance Mount (Thales AFV Systems, UK)
SWARMStaff Working for a Republican Majority (Wisconsin)
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The swarm watched the light leaking through the cracks all the long night.
When the sun rose, Veiled Figures came down, and saw their swarm at the bough's end waiting patiently within sight of the old Hive--a handful, but prepared to go on.
They swarmed up in front of Sherburn's palings as thick as they could jam together, and you couldn't hear yourself think for the noise.
The narrow streets swarmed like a hive with men and women in strange Oriental costumes, and our small donkeys knocked them right and left as we plowed through them, urged on by the merciless donkey-boys.
After making her fast, they swarmed the sides and searched the vessel from stem to stern.
The bluff-side swarmed with the Folk, all gazing and pointing into the northeast.
He said: "There was some commotion in the High Street and the next thing I could see was a big swarm of bees.
The swarm of bees in "They were first by a Stagecoach bus, then they covered a bus sign, and eventually they gathered on this car.
It said: "If anyone sees a swarm of bees can you message me please so we can go and get them!
The swarm flew down on to a Mitsubishi Outlander, with hundreds covering the boot.
The best way to prevent these termites that have swarmed into a homeowner's property is by having preventative maintenance on the home for termite infestations.
This work outlines engineering applications of swarm intelligence and describes optimization algorithms drawn from the movements of fish, insects, and animals.