SWARMPSafe with a Repair and Maintenance Program (building code classification; New York, NY)
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Even if an unrepaired Cycle 5 SWARMP appears perfectly stable on the day of his Cycle 6 inspection, the law does not allow the professional to extend its SWARMP designation into Cycle 6.
Unfortunately, the law makes no distinction between what might be termed an "administrative" Unsafe (a minor crack on a rear facade that hasn't widened in ten years, noted as SWARMP in Cycle 5 but not yet repaired) and a newly discovered "barricade -the-streets-call-out-the-National-Guard" Unsafe, (a parapet wall of a 30-story building adjacent to a schoolyard, that has shifted 6" outward in the last 48 hours).
An experienced professional won't saddle you with a SWARMP classification for a condition that might, in reality, be safe.
If your building's Cycle 5 Critical Examination enumerates SWARMP conditions that are still uncorrected, your first move, should be to have those conditions corrected.