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SWASHSydney Women and Sexual Health (survey; Australia)
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James Swash in action at the Boys' Northern County qualifying event
To reduce piston transverse forces in the swash plate axial piston machines of fixed displacement type Mohamed Elashmawy proposed circumferential cam contour design.
The present study aims 1) to present field data obtained through intensive and continuous measurements of both waves and swash-zone morphology by deploying many ultrasonic wave gages along the Hasaki observation pier and 2) to elucidate erosional processes occurring in the swash zone, focusing on the erosion of a berm under the action of storm waves based on the data.
Top team: Caroline Flack, Darren McMullen and Joe Swash.
The swash zone, the area between the high and low tide marks, is more than a great place to find seashells.
The unit features a 15deg swash plate angle that allows the pump body to be up to 27 mm (1.
Joe Swash I was struck down by a rare form of viral meningitis in September 2005.
Ex-soap stars Kara Tointon and Joe Swash have broken up.
After freeing my hand from the swash plate, I saw that the skin--from the joint to the nail--had been removed; the bone was exposed completely.
Guest speakers included Joanna Swash, sales and marketing director at Wrexham-based Moneypenny.
Data from a size range (30-139 mm shell length) of live oysters (n = 73) collected from Swash (reef 13, Fig.
I'M A Celebrity winner Joe Swash is being chased for pounds 2,000 maintenance payments for his toddler son.