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SWATCHSimple Watcher
SWATCHSimple Watch
SWATCHSystem Watcher
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Envole Moi lets hummingbirds flit around your wrist and gold-colored Swatch Sparkles add a beautiful touch.
which designed the swatch book, explained the two-part concept: BIO TOP 3s versatility and its natural shade inspired us to create a multidimensional swatch book that consists of a practical part showing the versatility of applications in a visual approachable way, and an emotional part a detachable book featuring the most fascinating landscapes on earth and its sublime colour shades that pay tribute to BIO TOP 3s natural shade.
While Swatch is currently using its "Tick different" slogan on its Bellamy quartz wristwatch, it was found out that the Swiss company was granted a U.
From the iconic jeepneys to the tricycles and pedicabs; the carinderia-style tables and chairs to street vendors peddling halo-halo, sugarcane juice, fresh coconut, and sorbetes; from Virgie's sari-sari store; down to the quaint house by the estero (which is actually a photo booth), Swatch Philippines mogul Virgie Ramos lovingly conceptualized the entire event to extend to the deligates the warmth and hospitality that Filipinos are known for.
Nayla Hayek, chair of Swatch Group Ltd, remains philosophical concerning the likely impact of the cap's removal, however.
Swatch is one of the brands in Rivoli Group's portfolio.
The Swiss watchmaker announced the Dubai launch of the new "pop-up" retail environment at the Swatch store at the Mall of the Emirates, dedicated entirely to its Sistem51 line of automatic watches.
A Swatch spokeswoman told Reuters that Technocorp is raising its stake to 58% from 40%, thus taking over Rivolia[euro](tm)s network of outlets.
Swatch Group will soon open an Hour Passion concept store at W&H Proper'des' 112 West 34th Street, announced Anthony Malkin, president of Malkin Holdings LLC, which supervises the W&H Properties portfolio.
Geneva: Swatch Group, the biggest maker of Swiss timepieces, reported accelerating profit growth that beat analyst estimates as the company sold more Omega and Longines watches and expanded production capacity at its factories.
com)-- Apple Visual Graphics now prints, cuts and fabricates complete swatch cards and books.
When we met at the fantastic Swatch shop in Belfast to try out the snap dance challenge, Holly was confident of pulling off a victory over yours truly - she is a finely toned Ulster rugby cheerleader after all.