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SWATHSnow White and the Huntsman (film)
SWATHSmall-Waterplane Area Twin-Hull
SWATHSpace Weather and Terrestrial Hazards
SWATHSoutheast Washington Association of Treasure Hunters
SWATHSmall Wetted Area Twin Hull
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Bringing spread grass into a swath or merging two or more swaths into one to more efficiently feed hungry forage harvesters, pick-up wagons and balers is traditionally done by centre-delivery rakes.
One such technology is swath control technology, which controls individual output components, such as nozzles, or groups of outputs, such as sprayer boom sections, based on real-time sensor data or GPS maps.
The SWATH Cloud Toolkit brings a number of BaseSpace applications to extract biological insight from SWATH proteomics mass spectrometry data, including apps for processing raw mass spectrometry data, protein fold-change analysis, visualising results in biological context, in addition to data quality review.
GLENDA'S RAGE - Batangas City residents stand yesterday on a portion of the bridge destroyed by Typhoon Glenda Wednesday, which lashed the country's main island of Luzon and left from its ruthless rage a wide swath of destruction.
In order for the machine to work, the hay on the bottom has to keep coming and push up the hay on the top, so it takes 25-30 feet of moving over a swath to have enough hay to feed it all the way up to the top." But in practice, the straw worked fine.
However, future spaceborne microwave remote sensing missions will require a complete and frequent coverage of the Earth with a reasonably high geometric resolution [11], e.g., a swath width of more than 400 km with an azimuth resolution of well 10 m [12-14].
Although the sub-aperture MoCo has good accuracy at the swath centre, it is difficult to gain consistent focusing quality for the targets all over the swath.
High resolution quantitative proteomics approaches such as MS1 Filtering and SWATH MS2 analysis have comparable reproducibility and dynamic range as SRM [5, 16] but have the advantage that they require little to no assay development time and can quantify all detectable analytes in a sample after acquisition.
Border Patrol agent, he guarded a vast swath of rough terrain just across from Mexico.
Swath grazing is a way to revive the once widespread practice of letting cattle graze all winter in the Northern Plains.
In the ballet's most memorable scene, a vivid red swath of fabric entraps the central character, echoing Spessivtseva's complicated relationship with her homeland.