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SWAYSurvey of War Affected Youth (Uganda)
SWAYSouth West Atlanta Youth Foundation (Atlanta, GA)
SWAYSouthwest Washington Advocates for Youth (youth offenders program)
SWAYState Workers Advocating Youth Awards
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The narrow seas around these isles, where British admirals keep watch and ward upon the marches of the Atlantic Ocean, are subject to the turbulent sway of the West Wind.
Over these coasting captains, as we have hinted, the veteran governor exerted some sort of sway, but it was of a peculiar and characteristic kind; it was the tyranny of the table.
How he managed to cope with his humor; whether he pledged himself in raw rum and blazing punch, and "clinked the can" with him as they made their bargains, does not appear upon record; we must infer, however, from his general observations on the absolute sway of this hard-drinking potentate, that he had to conform to the customs of his court, and that their business transactions presented a maudlin mixture of punch and peltry.
Hunt; but there were other considerations, which more strongly swayed his mind.
The canoes appeared very black on the white hiss of water; turbaned heads swayed back and forth; a multitude of arms in crimson and yellow rose and fell with one movement; the spearmen upright in the bows of canoes had variegated sarongs and gleaming shoulders like bronze statues; the muttered strophes of the paddlers' song ended periodically in a plaintive shout.
Smoky red flames swayed on high poles, and the fiery blaze flickered over faces, clung to the smooth trunks of palm-trees, kindled bright sparks on the rims of metal dishes standing on fine floor-mats.
Swiftly it enveloped her in its embrace, covering her completely in its thick folds, and then it swayed back upon its stem.
A lank tentacular appendage gripped the edge of the cylinder, another swayed in the air.
8, 2015, when it swayed by 100 centimeters due to powerful wind gusts from Typhoon Soudelor.
During the detox process, SWAY helps to draw out the aluminum and impurities that traditional antiperspirants and deodorants have left behind.
During each balance trial, COP displacement was measured, and commercially available software provided measures of total sway velocity ([ms.sup.-1]), sway velocity anterior-posterior ([ms.sup.-1]), and sway velocity medial-lateral ([ms.sup.-1]) as based on previous evidence (Prieto et al., 1996).